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Over 600 Video Backgrounds, 100+ Sound Loops and 2,000+ Sound Effects

  • 600 High Definition Video Backgrounds: 1920 x 1080 resolution

  • 100+ Sound Loops and over 2,000+ Sound Effects

  • 33 High Quality Studio Mix Audio Tracks

  • All Video and Sound Loops, Audio Loops are Royalty-Free license (no license fees): Use the videos for your private and commercial projects without any additional costs

  • Comprehensive selection of categories: Computers, Film, Sports, Religion, Transportation, and more

Video Backgrounds

Introducing the "Ultimate HD Video Background Box"

Ultimativ HD Video BackgroundsWhy pay up to $5 for single video backgrounds, when you can get unlimited access to hundreds of high-resolution videos for a fraction of the price?

"Ultimate HD Video Background Box" is the finest high-end package of high-resolution video backgrounds for your video or PowerPoint presentations. Spice up your video or PowerPoint presentation with theme relevant videos and amaze your audience.

  • Run a video background in your presentations to display transitions and informative text that are visually appealing and lively.
  • Fly an airplane over your screen in the background, for example, and simple text will come to life.
  • Spin a Notebook around on its axis, when you present technical information about a Notebook.
  • Or how about raining bank notes or coins from the top of the screen in the background of your financial presentation?
  • There are also numerous backgrounds for private videos. You could rotate a gift wrapped package or a birthday cake at the beginning of a video, for example.

The ideas are almost limitless, and with over 600 video backgrounds you should always be able to find a video suitable to your theme.      

The complete package includes over 600 video backgrounds in outstanding HD quality. The included videos cover a variety of categories; whether you need them for business, for a wedding or a party, or simply to spice up your personal videos, you will find something appropriate among the selection of over 600 video backgrounds.

Fantastically alluring backgrounds, futuristic-like creations, spectacles of nature, and much, more are offered in graphic detail in this video package.

"Ultimate HD Video Background Box" and It's Advantages

  • You won't pay up to $5 or more for single video backgrounds any longer. With the "Ultimate HD Video Background Box", you get over 600 HD video backgrounds of outstanding quality with a frame rate of 30 frames per second.

  • "Ultimate HD Video Background Box" covers several categories. Whether you want to create a video project or a PowerPoint presentation for business purposes or for recreation, you will find sufficient video templates to match your topic.

  • With the "Ultimate HD Video Background Box" you not only save money, but also time, since you won't have to tediously search the Internet for the right video backgrounds for every video or PowerPoint presentation that you plan. With over 600 video backgrounds, you can be assured to find the perfect video for you topic.

  • All of the video backgrounds that you receive in the "Ultimate HD Video Background Box"  are royalty free. That means you won't pay any additional license fees, even if you use the videos in a project or film, which you then show over the Internet or pass on to customers, friends, or relatives.

  • You can use the video backgrounds worry-free for private, as well as commercial purposes. And you won't incur any additional costs after purchasing the package.

The Features of the "Ultimate HD Video Background Box"

The following list gives you an overview of what you get with the "Ultimate HD Video Background Box":

  • Over 600 high-resolution video backgrounds in total.

  • All videos are in .MOV format (QuickTime) and can be used without a problem in all popular video editing software, such as Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio, and Corel VideoStudio (just to mention just a few); they can be also be used with any other video editing software that supports the QuickTime format.

  • These videos can also be used in screen recording programs like Camtasia Studio or Adobe Captivate.

  • The video resolution is in HD format with 1920 x 1080 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio, as well as a frame rate of 30 frames per second.

  • The size of the entire package amounts to about 17 GB and can be downloaded from our server in separate file categories.

  • All included videos are immediately available via on line-download after receipt of payment. This saves money for all involved parties and eases the archiving of content -  thus, you won't need any data storage medium from us to use the videos. You just download them as you need them.  You have unlimited access to the server with the video files and you can re-download them at any time, should you change computers or suffer a hard drive crash.

If purchased individually, these 600 video backgrounds would normally cost hundreds of dollars. But not for this video package!

Bonus No. 1 "1 for All Super Music Pack"

Start Video1 for All Music Super Pack

Only for a limited time!

  • Dance Music Pack Volume 1
  • Trance Music Pack Volume 1
  • Guitar Music Pack Volume 1
  • Ambient Music Pack Volume 1
  • Piano Music Pack Volume 1



Bonus No. 2

Start Video

"Sound Loops Mega Pack"

  • Business Culture Sound Pack: perfect to spice up advertising videos with trendy background music...
  • Blitz Combo Machine: these are hot music tracks for your video production, podcasts, and more...
  • Sweet Serenity Sound Pack: sound tracks for stress reduction, hypnosis, relaxation, wellness, therapy...
  • Intros Only Sound Pack: the perfect sound loops for opening your video and audio projects...
  • Corporate Pack Vol. 1,2,3,4: a compilation of various instrumental music pieces...
  • Genre Sound Loops Pack: 70 professional, melodious sound loops from different genres...
  • Sound Loops Producers Pack: Sound Loops Producer's Pack: these are 33 top sound loops, which were especially composed and produced by four television and studio musicians. With these professional sound loops you will add a noticeable professional ambience to your video and PowerPoint projects.
  • 100 Audio Loops & more than 2,000 Sound Effects: Royalty-free music clips are expensive...$30 or more for a single track. But with this Bonus Pack you can add instant impact to your videos without breaking the bank, thanks to this exclusive collection of over 100 royalty-free audio loops. Want to add applause to your videos...or laughter...or even the sounds from cartoons? It's no problem with this huge collection of sound effects, covering everything from aircraft to office sounds to people and more.
  • 21 Flexible Audio Loops: Give YOUR audio and video productions the HOLLYWOOD feel with these professionally-constructed Music Loops & Clips. Adding this collection to your toolbox today will fill it with another 121 professional and hight quality Audio Loops compositions. Many of these loops are designed to integrate seemlessly with one another, PLUS ... there's even a few "ending" files added in ... to use in those spots where you don't want to fade out the end of the music.



For a limited time and while supplies last, you get the "Ultimate HD Video Background Box" for only $47! That is a savings of more than 50%!

This offer is only good while supplies last and can end at any time.

Order the "Ultimate HD Video Background Box" today, including the Bonus Packages & Special Bonus for only $47! (while supplies last)

$ 47.00

(normal price $99.00)

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* Please take notice, that all example videos shown here are presented in reduced form for the purpose of web optimization. The videos in the package, however, feature HD quality with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and can therefore be used for DVD productions for HD videos.

* Let the video load completely in order to enjoy the smoothest, best possible presentation.

* Only a selection of video background previews is provided here. The "Ultimate HD Video Background Box" contains over 600 animated video backgrounds in total.

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Video Backgrounds and Sound Loops

Order the "Ultimate HD Video Background Box" today, including the bonus packages for only

$ 47,00

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Video Backgrounds Examples

Please take notice, that all example videos shown here are presented in reduced form for the purpose of web optimization. The videos in the package, however, feature HD quality with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and can therefore be used for DVD productions for HD videos.

HD Background Video Beispiel 1

HD Background Video Beispiel 1

HD Background Video Beispiel 1

HD Background Video Beispiel 1

HD Background Video Beispiel 1

HD Background Video Beispiel 1

HD Background Video Beispiel 1

HD Background Video Beispiel 1

HD Background Video Beispiel 1

HD Background Video Beispiel 1